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Looks for newer versions of your PC drivers to keep them up to date
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In order to ensure that all your peripherals work in perfect harmony with your PC, you need to have all the drivers involved in perfect shape and completely up to date. KC Softwares DUMo checks your computer for you and lists all the drivers found and their current status. Thus, you will be able to know at a glance which is working fine and which could be updated to the newest version available.

The trial version of DUMo (advertised as a “Free” version of the program) will show you how to do it, but it won’t download or update any of your drivers unless you purchase the corresponding license. This limitation won’t let you assess the app’s full potential but will allow you to see for yourself its efficiency when it comes to detecting your system’s drivers and locating a newer version for them. All the drivers found will be listed on the program’s main window, showing you the device they belong to, their manufacturer, the version number, and their current status (“OK”, “Update available” plus the current version number, or blank). You can refresh the list as many times as required, and export the information it offers to the Notepad and save it as a plain text file for future reference.

If you select a driver whose status indicates “Update available” and click on the “Download” button, this trial version will simply open your default browser and will offer you a link to download the driver in question – regrettably, that link will only work if you have registered your copy of DUMo. The other option you have left is to look for the driver yourself using your favorite search engine, a tedious and not very practical way of updating your PC’s drivers.

KC Softwares DUMo works fast and shows a high level of efficiency when looking for the latest updates for your computer’s drivers. Regrettably, you will need to purchase a license to see it working at full capacity. An alternative is to check any of the various open-source and free driver updates available on the Web.

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  • Quick search engine
  • Exports data to text file


  • The trial version won't download or update any driver
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